Founded in 2021 by Ekkehard Leberer, PhD, Professor 

Biochemist, molecular biologist and medicinal chemist by training

PhD in biochemistry (University of Konstanz)

Postdoctoral research in molecular biology and genetic engineering (University of Toronto, Canada)

Habilitation in biochemistry (University of Konstanz)

Built up and headed research teams and departments for pharmaceutical research and drug development at

  • National Research Council (NRC) of Canada, Biotechnology Research Institute, Montreal, Canada
  • Sanofi, Aventis and Hoechst Marion Roussel (Frankfurt and Martinsried, Germany)

Member of New Guide, a life sciences consulting network 


- Academia

  • Biochemistry, molecular biology, genetics, chemistry
  • More than 60 publications in peer reviewed journals, including Nature and Science

- Pharmaceutical Industry

  • Pre-clinical and clinical drug development 
  • Different therapeutic modalities including biopharmaceuticals (peptides, antibodies, oligonucleotides)
  • MiRNA therapeutics, pre-clinical and clinical development
  • Drug delivery systems including nanocarriers
  • Leading scientific collaborations and large scientific consortia (e.g. Innovative Medicines Initiative, COMPACT Consortium; 
  • Business strategy (business plan) and generation of spin-off companies 
  • Portfolio management 
  • External innovation (business development, alliance management, contracting)
  • Member in several Scientific Advisory Boards and Supervisory Boards